Get Organized with the Right Business Phone System

• How many times have you written down an important business number and misplaced the paper?

• Or, better yet, how often do you write down the number but forget to put a name with it?

It’s officially time to say goodbye to the missing name and number blues. That’s right – you never have to deal with either of these frustrating situations again. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can set up a virtual address book that will keep all of your important contacts organized, in one easy-to-access place.

A well-organized address book is one of the most valuable assets of your business phone system, and has the resources to help you establish one. Through our Virtual Office business phone service, you can store all of your contacts, whether business or personal, in the same place. You can create designated groups for your various numbers so you’ll always know where to look to find the one you need. According to NYC Criminal Attorney Anthony C.,’s virtual office features enable virtually anyone to be able to accomplish their goals, with no extra phone overhead.

As soon as you add a new contact to your address book, you have a variety of helpful features available.’s business phone system address book allows you to:

• Add multiple numbers for each contact (work, home, mobile, fax, pager)
• Assign routing rules to each caller to direct them to different numbers
• Import and export contacts to avoid having to enter them one by one
• Call any contact with the click of your computer mouse

Once you are signed up for’s Virtual Office business phone system, each of your extensions will be provided with its own address book, so every one of your employees can stay just as organized as you are!

Don’t waste your time writing down names and numbers you have the potential to misplace. Get the business phone system that will get you organized – sign up for Virtual Office business phone system from today!