FUD Operations NOT FUD Marketing

I regularly read the Warrilow newsletters and I also referred to it in the past. I recommend to all as a good read for small business owners although their service is really for larger companies serving small businesses.

Yesterday they wrote about how small businesses avoid FUD marketing tactics. FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Well, Warrillow also points out the bad rep FUD has gained and I will echo that.

However lets spin it around: dont use negative tactics to market your products but operate with some level of FUD. Always be concerned about the next steps. Dont sit and relax because you are doing well today but also dont give up if the present does not look so bright. Plan ahead and think about the competition and the market place and what you can do to compete.

Going back to Warrillow, they looked at what they called “Fears” of small business owners Vs. “Pain Points” and distinguish between the “Pain Points” which are short term and can usually be solved alone Vs. the “Fear” which are more ambiguous (using their words – sorry i cant find a link to this email newsletter). See their findings in the chart below:

Warrillow stats 3

Warrilow looked at this topic from the perspective of how a business can market to another small business and concluded that:

“1. Solving pain points drives sales: Pain points will continue to be the most effective urgency drivers and solution-oriented messaging for your products and solutions.
2. Solving fears drives trust: When you look to become a trusted advisor or to develop a relationship, helping small business owners address and overcome their fears will drive better long-term success. Provide advice, diagnostics, and information on primary fears in your passive channels (e.g. resource centers, newsletters, etc.), to establish your brand as a long-term advocate.”

We should all remember trust and relationship, advice and information source! Here at Phone.com we certainly live by these measures and hope you feel that.