From VoIP via UC to WebRTC

From VoIP via UC to WebRTC

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cio-review-mastheadThe telephone dominated business communications for almost a century. As technology advances, it seems that each step is determined to bury real-time voice communications. Starting with the answering machine in the late 20th  century, then email, and finally voicemail and messaging, the phone call went from universal to universally answered by a machine.

Once voicemail was massively integrated into the corporate world, it was clear that it was getting harder and harder to get people on the phone. About 80 percent of your calls to fellow employees would end up in their voicemail, which meant that our daily routine included checking an inbox. E-mail introduced yet another inbox to monitor and provided a different challenge due to volumes. That problem was solved relatively early with the ability to access the e-mail inbox often, remotely and securely. Having two inboxes was sufficiently inconvenient to drive people and vendors to look for a unified inbox solution, aka a Unified Communications (UC) solution.

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