Free In-Network

Free In-Network Calling allows all customers to talk to each other for free.  Meaning if you have 10 extensions on your account everyone can call each other within the company at no charge.  My friends office has grown so much they are in 4 separate office spaces in the same building, they have a lot of square footage and it’s not reasonable to walk the entire floor just to ask a few questions so they call each other all the time.

This is a huge benefit for companies that may be in multiple locations, different cities or spread across the world.  It’s also a savings if you know another company uses as well because you can call them for free.  Saving money is always good so call your coworkers to your hearts content.

Free In-Network Calling is just one of the many features offers our customers.  Here’s  our Features page, take a look and see what else you may like.  Always remember if you’re interested in we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.