FoundersCard – great discount for small business

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Are you a member of the FoundersCard? Our CEO Ari Rabban is, and part of being a FoundersCard member is offering your companies services other members. I’m personally not a member but from what I’ve read it’s looked upon kindly if you do share.

To give you some background and this is mostly from what I’ve read on Wikipedia and heard from friends. FounderCard is an exclusive members only group solely for entrepreneurs and innovators. It’s been called the Black card (American Express) for start-ups.

Well being that our CEO is a member I thought I’d share with you the benefits that offers to all FoundersClub members. We offer our Virtual Office 300 plan to members. That includes our 60 plus features like Menus, Dial-by-Name Directory, Unlimited Extensions and Call Handling Rules. It also includes amazingly low International Calling rates, Mobile Apps and Global Number support.

These are for FoundersCard members but you can also have all of these features with any of our Virtual Office plans, so you can live like a member even if you aren’t.


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