Fonolo Fostors Happy Callers

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One of the most annoying things to me is holding on the phone for some big institution. If I call my credit card company I have to press over 20 buttons to reach a human being, I find it infuriating and honestly not safe at all because I usually try to call them from the car when I know I’ll have a few spare minutes. Problem is waiting for a light to change takes less time then listening to the menu’s so I end up having to either press buttons while I drive or hang up and try again later.

Now there’s a company that solves this exact problem, it’s called Fonolo and it does the work for you. When you go to a contact page on a website to call them you look for Fonolo (If they’re smart they use it) and follow the instructions. It’s can be as simple as clicking on the department you want to talk to and filling in your phone number. Fonolo let’s the folks in the call center know to call you back. It’s nearly the same for their mobile app, you pick the company you want to call and drill down their menu and click call. Once someone is ready to talk to you and they pick up the phone Fonolo calls you back and you’re connected.

Now if you run a business or work for one that has phone menu’s I suggest you contact Fonolo right away. You will have happier callers because they didn’t just wait on hold for you, you will save money by having fewer operators speak with each caller and you’ll have an increased conversion rate of web site visitors to callers.

Keep in mind there’s no change to your companies phone system and Fonolo will help you have happier customers, they’ll be in a better mood when they talk to your operators because they didn’t have to wait on hold and in turn are more likely to have an overall positive experience. has been using Fonolo for a while now and I can’t speak officially for the company about it but it seems like everyone is happy using it, I know I personally have been.


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