Five Must-Have Home Phone Features (and one more…)

Are you tired of home phone service that doesn’t deliver the features you really want? Do you wish you could find a home phone system that didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

If so, we have great news for you. offers Home Phone service that’s packed with the communication tools you want at prices you can afford. If you only need a small number of minutes each month, you can choose the 250 minute plan and pay only $9.88 per month. However, if you want to be able to talk freely, you can get unlimited minutes for only $10 more.

Once you’ve picked your plan, it’s on to the best part – the features! Although offers a variety of useful ones, we think these are the top five must-have home phone features:

1. Instant call forwarding: You can forward any incoming call to single or multiple phone numbers for optimal answering capabilities.
2. Advanced call handling: Set guidelines in advance to route your incoming calls to a single destination or multiple different ones depending on the time of day and what day it is.
3. Caller ID: This simple feature can result in a significant add-on charges with traditional home phone plans, but adds it in on for free.
4. Internet voicemail: Get unlimited access to your voicemail online and through your email.
5. Local number porting: Get a more efficient and more economical home phone service without having to give up your number.

… and there is one more: with Mobile Apps you can use your smart phone to call someone back from your cell phone and the caller ID they will see will be your home number!

When it comes to home phone service, it’s all about convenience and usability. brings you those important aspects and much more.

Explore all the features available through Home Phone Plus from Sign up today to experience outstanding service at an unbeatable price.