First Business Trip Starts Tomorrow Using As My Main Number

I’m going to San Diego for 2 days starting tomorrow for a conference called Uplinq, this will be my first trip using as my main phone number for business. Besides for business use Ive been slowly moving acquaintances and some friends and family over to calling me on my number as well. This will be the ultimate test of the app, Will I be able to truly conduct business out of the office as usual? (though I have many times already but always locally).

What kind of issues do you ever have with your phone systems when you go out of town on business? Do you have issues with your calls arriving? Or with conference calls? Do you prefer not to use your cell phone number to make business calls? Let me see if can stand up to the challenge and send me some of the problems you’ve had with other phone systems and Ill make sure can do what you need as well. My email is