Create Custom Schedules with Our Hosted PBX for Your Business

Schedules allow you to route calls based on the day and time the call is received.

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Schedules allow you to route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, greetings, menus and more based on the day and time the call is received. For example, a call received during business hours can be set to have your normal greeting while a call received after business hours can be set to to have your After-Hours Greeting.

Plan ahead for holidays and days off.

Each schedule allows you to define exceptions for holidays, vacations and other events. Exceptions allow you to bypass your regular schedule and perform another action for a defined period of time. You can define as many schedules and exceptions as you need.

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Thanks to I'm able to run my psychotherapy practice by routing calls through to my cell phone.

Aimee Sullivan

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Therapies was cheaper and offered more features than my other phone company.

Jennifer Herritz

SVA Certified Public Accountants

The entire thing was ridiculously easy. I have been able to manage the whole system with very little effort.

Scott Kasun

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