• AccountManagement

    Account Management

    Log into your account from any web browser to manage your settings and features. More

  • AddressBook

    Address Book

    Keep track of business contacts, while assigning rules and routing to specific callers. More

  • Analog Phones

    Analog Phones

    Keep your old phones by using one of Phone.com’s ATAs. More

  • Bulk Number Porting

    Bulk Number Porting

    Transfer multiple numbers you own to Phone.com. More

  • Call Blocking

    Call Blocking

    Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers to your Phone.com account. More

  • Call Handling Rules

    Call Handling Rules

    Advanced options to direct all incoming calls to single or multiple destinations. More

  • CallLogs

    Call Logs

    View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with relevant details.

  • Call Notification

    Call Notification

    Be notified via email or text when incoming calls reach your number. More

  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

    Monitor, review and save calls to your account. More

  • Call Screening

    Call Screening

    An audio announcement for an incoming call that provides specific caller information. More

  • Call Transfer

    Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to another number or extension during a call. More

  • Call Waiting

    Call Waiting

    The ability to switch between two concurrent incoming calls.

  • Caller Analytics

    Caller Analytics

    Analyze calls and gain insight to your callers’ call patterns. See caller breakdown, demographics, social profile and cell provider. More

  • Caller ID Incoming

    Caller ID (Incoming)

    See who’s calling and decide how to route the call. More

  • Caller ID Outgoing

    Caller ID (Outgoing)

    The ability to set your own outbound caller ID. More

  • Chat Calls


    A personalized audio message that you send to multiple recipients. More

  • Click To Call

    Click to Call

    Place a button on your website that lets customers quickly connect to you or a department with one click. More

  • Communicator


    Use your computer as a phone with our Communicator software. More

  • Conferencing


    Every user extension comes with its own HD conference bridge for up to 500 participants. More

  • Vanity Local Numbers

    Custom Local Numbers

    An easy-to-remember sequence of numbers, reinforcing your brand or service. More

  • Dial By Name Directory

    Dial-by-Name Directory

    Prompts the caller to enter the user they are trying to reach, last name/first name. The caller is then transferred. More

  • Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb

    Sends callers directly to voicemail, even before the first ring. More

  • E911 911Dialing

    E911 Dialing

    Nationwide coverage with all IP phones and adapters (where available). More

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me

    Empower the system to find you by calling any of your numbers.

  • Call Forwarding


    Forward calls made to your extension to any other number. More

  • Global Numbers

    Global Numbers

    Give customers anywhere in the world a local number to call at standard US local rates. More

  • Greetings


    Personalize your system with custom messages, music and voice greetings. More

  • HD Voice

    HD Voice

    High-def Voice or wideband audio that makes for crystal-clear conversations. More

  • Hold Music

    Hold Music

    Professional high-quality music for callers waiting on hold or in a queue. More

  • In Call Features

    In-Call Features

    Use your keypad to transfer, record, block or put a call on hold. More

  • Instant Setup Provisioning

    Instant Setup

    Once you’re signed up, you’re basically ready to work. It’s instant. More

  • International

    International Calling Rates

    Low international rates across the world. More

  • Internet Fax

    Internet Fax

    Send, receive and save fax files directly to your computer and Phone.com mobile applications. More

  • Intuitive Web Interface

    Intuitive Web Interface

    Easy to use, permission-based access to Phone.com features. More

  • local-and-ld

    Local & Long Distance

    One flat rate for nationwide calling. More

  • Local Numbers

    Local Numbers

    Choose your Phone.com number from any area code within the United States. More

  • Menus

    Menus (IVR)

    Interactive Voice Response menu. Press 1 for Support, 2 for Sales, 3 for .... You decide! More

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Connect to Phone.com on the go using your iPhone, tablets, or laptop computer. More

  • Number Porting

    Number Porting

    Transferring your current phone number or numbers to Phone.com. More

  • Ios App

    Phone.com for iOS

    Call, conference, fax and manage business contacts from Phone.com’s Mobile app. More

  • Professional Recording

    Professional Recording

    Get script consultation, voice talent, licensed music and studio production. More

  • Queues


    Put callers “on hold” until they can connect to the next available representative. More

  • Ring Ready Phones

    Ring-Ready Phones

    Pre-configured, ready-to-use phones requiring little to no setup. More

  • Schedules


    Route calls or play greetings based on caller, time or day of the week. More

  • Tablets


    Run your Phone.com from your Tablet or use it as an extension.

  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging (SMS)

    Send and receive text messages over any Phone.com number. More

  • Text To Greeting

    Text to Greeting

    Send custom audio messages, voiced by automated personalities with sound effects. More

  • Toll Free Numbers

    Toll Free Numbers

    A telephone number that is free for the calling party (e.g. 800, 888, 877). More

  • 247PhoneSupport

    U.S. Based Support

    Our 7 days a week, 365 days a year commitment to keeping you completely satisfied. More

  • Extensions

    User Extensions

    Create and manage an unlimited number of group or individual extensions. More

  • Vanity Toll Free Numbers

    Vanity Toll Free Numbers

    An easy-to-remember sequence of letters or numbers, free for the calling party. More

  • Voice Tagging

    Voice Tagging

    Identify callers with an audio message based on the number they dialed. More

  • Voicemail


    Completely customizable and included with every extension. More

  • Voicemail To Email

    Voicemail to Email

    Get notified of new voicemail via email or text message, with the audio file attached. More

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Voicemail Transcription

    Read your voicemails with our automated or human-assisted transcription service. More