Faxing and VoIP- How does it Work?

Faxing with a Fax Machine over VoIP
Faxing from a fax machine with VoIP works as if operating from a standard telephone line as far as the end-user can tell, but behind the scenes, information is digitized and sent via an internet protocol line, reassembled and arrives at the fax machine of another company or individual.

The only problem with VoIP is faxing solutions were developed for analog systems, and therefore, the data does not travel well over VoIP networks. When a fax is sent the communication is very different than voice, subsequently voice transmissions are compressed and digitized much more efficiently and optimized for voice analog much better than fax communications. So when choosing to fax via VoIP one will be best suited to abide by the following guideline.

Internet Faxing
Some benefits of using VoIP include saving money, which can be accounted for with the lower monthly fee, but also through the saved paper, ink, waste of traditional fax machines. How many times have you gone to the fax machine only to receive messed up faxes (i.e. black lines over the paper, or blank pages). With internet faxing, which is the transmission of digital files, which you would receive via your internet VoIP account or via email, but may also reach recipients utilizing traditional fax machines, these problems are eliminated. Some other benefits are ease of operation. Instead of going over to the fax machine, dialing a number, and loading you paper, now it’s a click of a button, and a confirmation email. You can upload documents from your files and fax them without ever having to print them and manually load them into a fax machine. Most VoIP systems will also allow a variety of different file types (i.e. pdf, doc, docx, and bmp). It eliminates wasted paper, wasted ink, wasted electricity, and wasted time while making it easier to pass on faxed information to another member of the company. Phone.com plans support fax service. To learn more please click here.