Fantastic In-Call Features

Home Phone Service Should Do More Than Meet Your Basic Needs

What do you want from your home phone service? This seemingly simple question can elicit a variety of responses depending on who you ask, but for most people, a home phone service that offers versatile features at a reasonable cost will do the trick.

Here at, we work to meet the essential needs mentioned above, and then some. Our home phone servicesoffer an array of versatile features, allowing you to customize your plan to meet your usage needs.

Being able to make outgoing calls quickly and easily is an essential part of having a home phone. However, another important factor of your home phone service is the way it allows you to handle incoming calls. Whether your home phone is solely for personal use, or doubles as a business phone, you want to have reliable answering options available at all times.

Great In-Call Features for Your Home Phone

Depending on your home phone needs, there may be a variety of features that would enhance your service. However, for those who want their home phone to double as their business phone, in-call features are often the most essential.

To satisfy your need for flexible and reliable features that don’t break the bank, offers four helpful in-call features for your home phone service

Fantastic In-Call Features

• Attended transfer: Your caller will hear selected hold music and you can transfer them to the desired extension number by selecting the appropriate keys.

• Transfer to voicemail: Your caller will hear selected hold music and you can transfer them to the extension number of the voicemail they want to hear.

• Placing a Call on Hold: You can place your caller on hold at any time and they will hear the selected hold music until you re-engage them.

• Call Recording: Both you and your caller will hear a prompt indicating when your call recording begins and ends, and you can easily access recorded calls by visiting the Call Logs section of your account.

Each of these four features can be initiated at any point during your incoming calls, and they are all quick and convenient to use.

Take advantage of all the great features available through home phone service from Sign up today to start handling incoming calls the way you want with our fantastic in-call features!