Fantastic Features for Your Home Phone

Depending on which monthly home phone service plan you choose, you can have access to a variety of useful features such as:

• Call waiting, call forwarding and call transfer
• Caller ID, call screening and call blocking
• Click to call buttons
• Greetings, customizable recordings, and professional recordings
• Fax sending capabilities
• In-call features such as: Attended transfer, voicemail transfer, placing a call on hold, and call recording
• Low international calling rates
• Text voicemail (read your voicemails as texts!)
• And other great home phone features [LINK TO:]

In addition to the great features listed above, gives you the option of conveniently managing your entire account online. And with plans starting as low as $9.88 per month, it’s easy to see why these flexible and affordable home phone services are the easy choice for smart home owners.

As an added bonus, these plans feature a unique pricing system that allows you to reduce your monthly cost based on the number of referrals you make. If you refer enough friends, you can even get your basic home phone service plan for free!

Sign up for the home phone plan that best meets your calling needs today!