Expanding the Value of Phone.com

When we first created Phone.com, we recognized that entrepreneurs, small businesses, and home workers were going to be the drivers for the economy in the Twenty-First century. We recognized that one of the areas impacting small businesses had not changed appreciably in nearly 100 years – telephone service!

Oh yes, we know that we changed from rotary dial to touch tone and analog to digital. We also changed from copper to microwave to fiber optics, but at the end of the day, there was always “The Phone Company” with a near monopoly on service. Phone.com is helping to change that perception and bring value and choice to small businesses – just at a time when they need it the most.

We also recognize, however, that phones alone are not enough to help a small business become successful. There are other components that – like phone service – have been the domain of larger, more expensive offerings and seemingly out of reach for start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses. Our recently announced relationship with the Tarkenton Companies, founded by football Hall of Fame Legend Fran Tarkenton, is a move in this direction.

StarterCRM is an easy-to-use, complete CRM (customer relationship management) solution that provides small businesses with all the tools needed to better manage existing customers, ensuring that your customers or clients remain satisfied and stick with you.

StarterCRM is highly customer-centric and can alert you to upcoming birthdays and anniversaries so you can send your customers good wishes via email! After all, if you aren’t talking to your customers, someone else is! StarterCRM with Email Marketing helps you effectively manage customers and build sales fast. In one simple package you get the ability to:

• Create email marketing campaigns in less than 15 minutes
• Access hundreds of sales document templates
• Go paperless! Centralize all customer and prospect information
• Easily track leads, deals and ROI
• Manage your calendar and import data from Outlook
• Access your contacts through your mobile device

StarterCRM can help your business reach its full potential by staying in touch with both prospects and existing customers and closing more sales. As a Phone.com customer or partner, you can try this new offering 100 % FREE for 30 days and, as a special bonus for Phone.com customers and partners, the StarterCRM support team will import your contacts, provide a personal product overview, and expedite your learning curve to put you on track to closing more sales! This is not generally available with the FREE trial! If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription free of charge within the 30 day trial period. To order StarterCRM for a FREE 30 day trial please click here.

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Phone.com understands that business is all about communications and relationships. That is why we are bringing this and other services to you with the hope that a more complete solution will allow you to be more successful without excessive cost or the challenge of finding a viable partner. Please let us know what you think of our approach and its value to you!