Excellent Customer Service? Check.

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The post below is from our Facebook Fan Page.  I am not sure who the customer is but this unsolicited feedback makes our day. I am often invited to speak at conferences about entrepreneurship, small business, VoIP or different tech-start-up topics. One of the questions that repeats itself is:  “what keeps you going or what motivates you?”

Well, great feedback from customers is certainly up there on the list. This is a theme that our entire company believes in and is championed by our great customer service team and Jeremy Watkin as our chief motivation officer.

Next month we will be honored as a finalist for the Best Practice Awards for Customer Service by the New York Enterprise Report. We will write more about it in a couple of weeks. But it is the many stories like the one below that makes Phone.com special and worthy of such recognition. 


“I never tire of amazing testimonials from customers about our support. Check out the latest about our CSR, Ryan!

Last night I called customer service for help with what were to me some confusing issues. The representative who helped me was Ryan.

The support I received from Ryan was superlative in all dimensions. He was courteous without being robotic, swift, knowledgeable  efficient, and was able the first time to understand what I could barely articulate. He solved all my issues and made extremely useful suggestions that never occurred to me, to improve my setup. I would rate him 10 on a scale of 10—he took ownership of my difficulties and helped in the quickest, most pleasant way—and he deserves the highest possible commendation.

Ryan represents Phone.com well and made for an extremely positive experience with the brand. After all, beyond the nuts and bolts of the product, the face of the company is very often the support reps we encounter. Ryan makes Phone.com look very good.”