Every Small Business Needs WiFi

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Today I had to spend an hour at my mechanic to get some work done on my wife’s car. I didn’t want to lose an hour just sitting there reading Twitter on my phone so I brought along my laptop and expected to be able to get on wifi. I was shocked when I asked about the wifi and was told they don’t have any. I thought to myself do I really want to give Mountain View Goodyear my business if they can’t make my stay more comfortable? I don’t think so. I got the work done on it today but I’m really considering not going back.

Out of curiosity I went and looked at the website for the smog check place I go and low and behold they have wifi, they even advertise it, knowing it’s essential these days. So I want to convey a message to all our readers that may have an office with guests coming in.

Please understand that wifi isn’t a luxury any longer, wifi is a necessity in all possible work environments. Small businesses need any edge they can get and if I can go to a different mechanic down the street and the differentiator between the 2 is wifi, well I’m going to go to the shop with wifi. This will allow me to work on my laptop, make Phone.com VoIP calls on my iPhone and generally keep me more connected which is what I really need. I suggest all small businesses that have guests in their offices have some sort of wifi for them to use.


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