Ever Heard of a Virtual Phone Number?

Ever heard of a “Virtual” Phone Number?

Would you like to have just one phone number for all your friends, family and business associates and pay next to nothing for it?

Consider The Phone.com virtual phone number option, which routes calls based on rules you set — allowing you to provide only one number to everyone while still maintaining your personal space and privacy.

Prices start at $4.88 a month for 250 minutes up $18.88 for unlimited minutes and the first month is always free.

After that, you can refer friends and get a re-occurring credit for each one, reducing your obligation and earning additional credits over and above your base plan rate.

For example: If you have 10 active referrals you will pay $0 for our $4.88 base plan and accrue $5 every month (if you have not used more than the plan allocated minutes).
Benefits exist as long as referred friends are registered to one of our available plans. You can even bring your own phone number!
Call and ask us how it works today!