Zagg Folio Bluetooth Keyboard And Case

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I don’t usually do reviews on here but after my iPad or not blog post from last week I thought reviewing a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad would be relevant.  iPad’s have become an integral and useful part of many peoples work life and even some peoples main computing device.  With my iPad I can fulfill all my daily work related responsibilities for the most part.  I can make and receive work phone calls on my iPad thanks to, I have email, social media, and even SMS (thanks again to  It’s become my go to device for many work related tasks and I’ve even found that I’m more productive when writing blog posts if I write on the iPad.  I believe it’s because it doesn’t multitask as well as a computer so my ADD doesn’t flare up like it can when I’m on my laptop.

I’ve been using the Zagg Folio Bluetooth Keyboard and case (for iPad 2 and 3) for a little while now and I’ve been absolutely LOVING it.  For starters it was extremely easy to tether to my iPad 3.  I’ve taken it on 1 business trip and it functioned perfectly, the iPad itself was the disappointment (though I’m still addicted to mine).  The Zagg keyboard that can be slid out of it’s case and can be used without it is smaller then my MacBook Pro keyboard.  It’s noticeable, about 10-20% smaller but I’ve easily adapted and gotten used to it.  The depth of the key press is quite shallow but not a problem by any means, it feels like I’m using a netbook keyboard.

I really like that by closing the iPad down on the keyboard while it’s in the case it locks the screen.  Also the shortcut buttons at the top are a nice feature.  I love that keystrokes like select all, copy and paste all work and there’s even shortcut buttons for those as well as a Command (cmd) or previously it was an Apple button, it makes me feel very much at home.

The one and only single thing I don’t like about the Folio is the difficulty in removing the iPad from it.  It’s not all that bad but I tend not to keep my iPad in there because of this.  I’d prefer an easier slide to get it out or maybe a magnetic method of keeping it in.

There’s not a whole lot more to say about it, it does what it says on the box and well.  One slight quality issue is the stick-em on the left side is coming off so the plastic cover is falling off just a bit.  Even with that in mind  I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.


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