Winter Vacation

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For the next few weeks I’m visiting Florida, a “working vacation” dictated by family events (happy family events, in case anyone is worried). Of course that means I won’t be at my desk to answer my phone when it rings.

My first plan had been to simply have all calls forwarded to my cell phone while I’m away. But, thinking about it and adding in the fact that I use the same phone number for both work and business, I decided it would be better to let callers choose between my cell phone or my wife’s. Indeed, come to think of it, how about a further choice to ring BOTH of our cells phones, and see who answers.

As it turned out, in the rush to pack, I never did get around to programming my account to do that. No real worry, since I long ago programmed my number to forward to my cell whenever the phone at home isn’t answered. It’s only if the cell isn’t answered that callers are relegated to voicemail.

To finish the story, the first day in Florida I logged on to my hotel’s pitifully slow WiFi, signed in to my account, and within just a few minutes had set up the menu and forwarding just as I had planned. Indeed the only thing that took any real time at all was deciding on the exact menu message and whether to record it with one of our voices or choose from the variety of voices has available in its text-to-speech repertoire. My wife and I must have played half of them … some with quite amusing results … before settling on one.

One added benefit to using the menu to forward is that I won’t be bothered by those horrid, and illegal, automated scam calls offering things such as credit card interest reductions. Indeed, perhaps when I get home I’ll simply keep the menu, modifying it only slightly to give callers the option to choose my home office phone. It’s really great to have the versatility to do that not only effortlessly, but with my account at no extra cost.


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