Why move to Cloud phone service?

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The No Jitter blog, one of the respected blogs commenting and analyzing the business VoIP and Unified Communications industry, had a good end of year post on Sunday asking the question: Who Moves to the Cloud? Siting some solid statistics showing how the hosted VoIP, or cloud telephony, market is growing and predicted to grow more in the years to come one can see the excitement about the future of our industry and why companies like Phone.com are well positioned for the “cloud era”.

So who is moving to the crowd? SBMs. Small and medium size businesses are moving to hosted phone service solutions. Yes, price is a good reason but much more is what motivates the decision of a business to shift to the cloud and certainly for a new business to start with a cloud based service. At Phone.com we cater to the very small businesses (under 20 people, or, in the old world terminology, “phone lines”). With a cloud based service a business doesn’t really need to think of “lines”. One number can have as many calls as you want based on as many phones you want dialing out.  In the “phone lines” model what counted is how many phone numbers you had. A business could have 3 numbers but 10 people – only 3 calls could go out at the same time. Not so anymore. For me, one of the most attractive reasons is the fact that with a cloud based solution the users ability to control how they want their phone number to “behave”. Your phone number is no longer connected to a device. When you get a cell phone you get a number and same when you get a home phone or an office phone. Yes you can in some cases forward the call to another number (mainly with cell phones) but your number is really tied to your device. Not so with solutions like Phone.com. You have a control panel to login to and dictate what phone the number will ring or have multiple phones ring or set many advanced rules.

But there are of course many other reasons why the cloud is attractive. As the NoJitter post suggests, hosted service providers make it easy for small businesses to do business with them. Easy sign up process, easy customer user-interface for self setup, and a lot of hand-holding and care. These are all attributes that we at Phone.com live by.  Test if for free, get help 24*7. We will even help you go back to your old or new provider.

No wonder 70% of cloud based solutions are purchased by businesses using less than 30 phones and perhaps an even more important stat, about 70% say they are very satisfied and only less than 1% say they are dissatisfied (for more info click here).


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