When it comes to tech accelerators remember the name ERANYC

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It is probably close to two years since I met Murat Aktihanoglu and got introduce to his (at the time NEW) New York City based venture: the Entrepreneurs Round-table Accelerator or ERANYC. ERA was just getting started. We were impressed with their plans and decided that we would do our best to support the accelerator and the start-ups that came through its doors with whatever services we can offer. This was before we met any of them. Alon and I also joined their great list of mentors.

Well, fast forward to now; all one needs to do is visit ERAs news section on their website to learn about their on-going success and the success of their alumni company.

Phone.com has had the good fortune of working with many of these companies and follow their success. Companies like Public Stuff, Buzztable, ParkingPanda, Appycouple, Tapfame, Bizodo and many others.

On Thursday we visited ERAs new offices in mid-town Manhattan and met with several companies that are part of the current program (ERA4).  We were once again impressed by all of the teams we met and also loved the new ERA facility. Just the way a start-up environment should look like! Frankly, just like how every tech company should look like. This post is hardly the only one that talks about the energy and atmosphere in a technology start-up or on one of the several accelerators around but not all accelerators are created equal. ERA has something really special going, Follow them! We certainly will.



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