What Does Google Drive Mean For You?

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If you haven’t heard yet Google launched a new cloud service today called Drive (as in a drive on your desktop).  Basically it’s a storage unit that follows you around everywhere you go and you can open it up and get anything out of it.  So anything that you put into this folder on your computer will be available to you on any other computer that has the Drive application on it and in the cloud.  

If you’re leaving work but need to continue what you’re doing at home, you can just drop the files into Google Drive and when you get home you’ll be able to access these files.  Google claims to support over 30 different file formats and have expandable memory.  So even if you’re not using the most common apps you should be ok.  

Now here’s my question… How is this any different from Google Docs that I’ve been using for years.  Recently Google Docs started allowing users to put any files in your account.  So what’s different now with Drive.  

By the way you get 5GB for free and after that it’s 25GB for $2.50/month, 100GB for $5/month and 1TB for $50/month.  Gmail is also upping their free storage for your mail to 10GB and if you upgrade to a paid account you’ll automatically be upgraded to 25GB at no additional charge.  

Are you going to use Google Drive?  I know I will, I’m writing this blog post in Docs.  Do you use DropBox?  Box? Or any of the other cloud storage services?  

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