What Do You Use For Word Processing On An iPad?

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I’m so sick of looking for a proper word processor for my iPad.  I’ve tried Google Drive, Evernote, Quickoffice Pro, CloudOn, Microsoft Outlook web app and anything else I can get my hands on.  In their defense all these apps are free or were gifted to me.  BUT they’ve all failed me in one form or another and I can’t stand it.  I hate having different apps for different situations.  The most common issues for me are not having some form of internet connection, no spell check and the lack of ability to add hyperlinks.

For starters, connectivity is a huge issue and it shouldn’t be.  I travel a bit, more then some and less then others, working on an airplane has become part of my routine on many flights.  I don’t mind not having internet connectivity, what I can’t stand are apps like Google Drive who’s documents/spreadsheets can’t be edited unless you have connectivity.  I almost exclusively fly American Airlines and many of their planes do not have wifi.  I should be able to survive a few hours or more without being connected so I shouldn’t need wifi to use a word processor.  

Second, I’m admittedly a bad speller.  I need spell check when I write like I need food to survive, it’s a necessity.  Now Quickoffice Pro does have spell check but Google Drive and Evernote do not, at least when using an external bluetooth keyboard which is how I do nearly all of my word processing on the iPad.


Lastly is hyperlinking, it’s part of blogging.  I link back to my blog, the Phone.com blog and to any sites I reference in my writing.  Sadly Quickoffice Pro doesn’t support hyperlinking as far as I’ve been able to tell, neither does Google Drive (funny how it keeps popping up lacking integral features).

I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, I’m considering buying Polaris and/or Apple’s word processor Pages.  I don’t mind paying for apps but I’ve spent money on apps that I thought had features and come to find out they don’t and I’m out money.  

So what do you use?  What do you suggest? My 3 big needs are that it works without internet access, there’s spell check and I can hyperlink texts.  One other thing I’d like is the ability to save to DropBox if possible, not just Apple’s iCloud (if I were using Pages).  Tell me on Facebook or Gorjeo.



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