We Care About Our Customers

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Does a phone service provider really care about its customers? You bet. We at Phone.com truly care. From our first day of operations almost five years ago we have been listening and communicating with our customers. We have designed features and applications based on customer feedback. We have worked with customers to offer them a unique app that might not be available online and we do our best to explain our development process.

Our developers and our customer support managers constantly communicate with one another and address customer questions. It may seem like its just a phone service but yet there is so much to learn from how and where our customers use our services.

Over the years we have received many unsolicited thank you emails and we publish some of them on our website and some you can see on our Facebook Fan Page.

Recently, after Superstorm Sandy we wrote an email to all our customers (I posted it below).

Dear Phone.com Family, 

If you or your loved ones are affected by Hurricane Sandy we want to convey our thoughts and prayers for your safety, recovery, and restoration.

If there is anything we can do to facilitate your communication at this difficult time please call us at 800-998-7087 or reply to this email.  You can also reach us via Gorjeo y Facebook.

Ari Rabban
And the entire Phone.com team


We also offered help and support to small businesses who were affected by the storm.  So today I just wanted to share some emails we got from customers responding to the email we sent out:


Dear Ari &

Phone.com Team,

I just wanted to thank you for this letter.  Receiving this simple gesture from you is a positive demonstration of leveraging your business influence to reach out to the many communities that you serve.


 Okay…. THIS is a nice, human, thoughtful, compassionate message and offer. Thank you for drawing on the real and not the corporate “person” at this times.

Sincerely, my best,



Thank you for this kind, generous and caring email! It is not often when a tragedy strikes that companies take the time to actually DO something for their customers. Thank you for putting your customers first! In Gratitude, Stacy


Dear Mr. Rabban,

RE: Hurricane Sandy Email

You & your team are a class act. Time and again your company efforts, impress. I was a longtime Vonage customer and now thank the day I switched to Phone.com. Regards, Tom


  In a time when customer service is hard to come by and the all-mighty dollar reigns as a priority, it is so reassuring to receive this email from Mr. Rabban.  

 I don’t have any relatives on the East Coast …. just fellow Americans.  I wish to thank you for this email and I am very happy to have selected you to handle my phone needs.



Very thoughtful, thank you! Tom


We like to see these type of emails. I know all our employees thrive based on such feedback. Our “first response” team, our customer service managers are the first to alert us when they get feedback (good or bad) from customers and to raise topics for discussions  internally.

To all our customers and employees – keep it coming, Continue to communicate. After all our tagline is Communicate Better!


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