Voicemail Doesn’t Have To Be Lost To The Ages

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I was emailed a link to an article titled “Voice mail in decline with rise of text, loss of patience”.  Here’s my comment… AND?  Is this news? No way, most everyone I know tends not to leave voicemail any more.  I can’t remember the last time I left a VM for somebody.  Some people have a valid point in leaving VM when it’s for work purposes.  People you’re calling for the first time or leaving a message for a caterer possibly require a voicemail but not all that often.  Most people I talk to despise listening to voicemail on their phone.  Their comment is always why do I have to listen to all my messages to get to the one at the end.  I also hear the complaint that it’s a waste of time.  So why do we still partake in this ritual?

One of my favorite Phone.com features is voicemail transcription.  As much as some of us don’t like voicemail it’s part of our lives, we still do get messages and sometimes even have to listen to them.  Voicemail transcription is the best way to get your messages without listening to them.  We have your messages transcribed digitally or you can opt to have actual people transcribe them.  Your messages are typically broken into sections and different people listen to different portions so no one person hears your entire message.  Then it’s sent by text message or email or both to you to read.  Additionally Phone.com will email you the audio recording of your message (which is great for archiving) if you can’t log into your control panel and listen to it or read it there.

Clearly Voicemail is a pain point for many people, in reading the comments from that post many people seem to think age is the differentiating factor with leaving VM or sending a text.  I think it’s beyond that, my parents in their 60’s learned how to text in the last year.  I believe it’s more about your environment and your friends/family  that you interact with.  My parents would have never started texting if it wasn’t for me sending them texts.  I forced them to learn and now my mom texts with one of her friends all the time, whose grand kids made her learn to text.

What do you think?  Do you still leave voicemail?  Let us know on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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