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FAQ’s about your new Virtual Phone Number

Can I bring my own phone to

Yes you can! If you have a desk phone that you'd like to use your virtual phone numbers and service, our Customer Service team can help you set it up.

Because there are so many device makes and models, you'll need to talk with one of our representatives to see whether your make and model will work with our service. They will also help you configure your device settings, confirm whether your phone will work with’s service, add the device to your account and help you set it up.

If your phone doesn't work with our service for some reason, we have a wide range of phones and adapters for purchase. Learn more on this topic at our Support Center by clicking aquí.

How can toll free numbers or 800 numbers boost my business?
What is a vanity toll free number?

How do I forward calls to my virtual number?

Forwarding calls that come in to your virtual number number is priority numero uno and the first action you will need to set in your account settings. Calls to your number can be routed to a number of extension types, including:

  • Your mobile phone or an IP desk phone
  • Your communicator soft phone (phone software installed on your computer)
  • Su menú de negocios o correo de voz.

Regardless of where you forward your number, the actions you take will be similar for each process. The instructions that can show you how to forward calls to an extension or another phone number, can be found aquí.

Can I add a Toll-free or Vanity Number? offers a variety of toll-free and vanity number types to enhance your new virtual phone system.

A toll-free number is a phone number that offers free calling for the caller. The cost of the call is charged instead to the toll-free numbers’ subscriber.

Vanity numbers are great because they’re easy to remember and they spell out something that means something to your business, for example, 1-800-POPCORN or 1-800-GET-INFO. We offer two types of vanity numbers:

  • Vanity Local: These numbers use local area codes and the caller pays for the call.
  • Vanity Toll-free: These numbers use toll-free prefixes like 800 or 888, and calls to the number are free for the caller.

To learn how to add a Toll-Free Number visit that topic at our support center aquí.

How do I choose a vanity toll free number?
How do I add my existing vanity toll free numbers to my account?

Can I setup Email or SMS Notifications for my messages?

Absolutely! Your new virtual phone number is equipped to notify you when you get a message, so you can have a seamless communications experience no matter where you are. If you'd like to be notified when you receive a new voicemail, fax or SMS message, you can follow the easy step-by-step instructions in our Support Center aquí.

Can I decide what hours my virtual phone number will ring?

Your virtual phone systems come equipped with schedules that can specify the time period that your virtual phone number will ring, and have all calls outside of your business hours go directly to voicemail or another extension. Setting it up is simple! Review the step-by-step process right aquí, at our Support Center.

The difference between 800 numbers and vanity numbers