Using The Cloud Is A No Brainer

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I’m a huge huge fan of working in the “cloud”.  It’s a fantastic way for me to keep in touch, collaborate with employees and clients and it makes me feel like my work is safe from being lost.  For those of you who may not know what the cloud refers to, it means using programs or applications that are not saved locally on your computer but hosted by a company.  For example, is a cloud based telephone service.  In this case it means that all the software running your phone system is NOT on your computer but it’s running in the cloud on servers in the United States and you access it via a browser.  

This means that you don’t need an IT technician to ever fix your phone system or do a diagnostic on it.  It means that when the software is updated you won’t ever pay anyone for extra hours to upgrade your telephone system.  Most importantly in’s case it means that you have a full featured scalable telephone system with an easy to use control panel at your fingertips on (most) any computer.  

One of the most attractive aspects of utilizing the cloud is saving money.  It’s simple, you can purchase a PBX server for several thousand dollars plus, wait there’s no plus, spending let’s say $5,000 for a server that will be outdated in a few years is ludicrous when you can get more features from  Our most common Enterprise solution is just under $95 per month, if you amortized that into $5,000 it would take well over 4 years to break even but by then your PBX server would be out of date and regularly updates our service at no additional charge to you.  

Seems like a no brainer to me and that’s why I like the cloud so much, for a very small business owner like me it’s just the right choice.


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