Traveling With An iPad… or Laptop

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Do you travel exclusively with an iPad?  No laptop no problem, right?  I’m not sure.  I’ve tried traveling with only my iPad a few times and it was alright for the most part but it wasn’t great.  I was reading an article about some apps and services that help and it was all pretty basic but pertinent info like save your files in DropBox or Google Drive (used to be Google Docs).  Use an Apple adapter if you’re transferring large media or multiple files.  The best suggestions I read were to use CloudOn if you’re a Microsoft user and utilize Evernote.  Evernote is one of my new favorite apps.  It’s very versatile and the search engine in it is fantastic.  I uploaded a camera phone picture of a menu to Evernote and then was able to search for items on the menu.  That blows my mind, it’s the simple things that do it for me.

Back to the real question, can you travel without a laptop but with an iPad.  If it’s a work related trip or during work days you’ll probably have to answer emails at the very least.  I suggest getting a bluetooth keyboard.  I use a Zagg BT keyboard that’s integrated into a hard case to protect my iPad, front and back.  I’m able to crank through emails as if I’m on my computer.  The issue is what about other work, editing documents, viewing spreadsheets and so on.  Since my last business trip Google has added it’s Google Drive apps ability to edit documents and view spreadsheets natively which is a big deal for me.  Plus I sometimes use QuickOffice Pro for more heavy lifting as a friend likes to put it because it connects with my Google Drive and Dropbox and allows me more flexibility with spreadsheets, it works well with documents as well.

I’m as much posing this laptop or no laptop question to you as I am to me.  I’ll be in San Diego in 2 weeks for business and I’m going laptop free, I’ll have my iPad and bluetooth keyboard.  Let’s hope this goes well.  What is your preference laptop or iPad or both?  What apps help you work on your iPad at home or when you travel?  Let me know on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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