Time and Value As The Only Indicator That Counts

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I had the chance to have coffee this morning with my friend Antoine RJ Wright and as usual we talked about everything under the sun.  But he mentioned something I had to write down and I wanted to share with you.  It’s something I’ve been trying to say for years but he summed it up in 3 sentences.

“ Life has 2 pieces of value based around time.  Time wasted and time gained.  If something takes time away from my life I won’t use it but if it adds time/value to my life I will use it.”
This is so simple and so true for me personally.  I won’t use services that don’t enhance, add value to my life and save me time.  I don’t like wasting that limited commodity of time.

I think this is a lesson entrepreneurs need to remember in their business.  Does your offering add value or save your customers time or does it waste their time?  Email for example allows people to send letters nearly instantly versus snail mail which takes a few days to arrive.  What do most people prefer to use?

Phone.com saves me time by allowing me to route incoming calls to the right department or person.  Hence the operator speaks to fewer people and can do other tasks.
I know this is all very simple but it’s something that sometimes we forget or lose sight of.


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