The iPhone 5s Is The Security Device Of The Year !?

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As most of the world now knows, Apple has just introduced the new iPhone 5c and 5s. One of the more interesting and potentially game-changing parts of the announcement was the introduction of the new fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s. is focused on the SO/HO and small business market segments, and with that in mind, the iPhone 5s may be offering levels of security not previously available to smaller businesses.  Every week, we hear about how a company lost proprietary information because an employee left their phone at a restaurant or in a cab without protection via passwords or other methods. Imagine the damage that could be done by someone with access to e-mail or documents containing financial projections, employee records, or information regarding legal actions. A smart phone is a phone in name only, and requires the same precautions as a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer!

Finger Print Scan

To this point, Apple has added a fingerprint scanner to their new flagship device.  This will allow people to minimize the delay in unlocking their phone associated with using a password or even worrying about forgetting the password and writing it down somewhere that can be easily found!  Now, they can simply place a finger on the home button and the unlocking magic happens!

In this era of concern about personal and professional privacy, people will be much more likely to protect their phone by using the fingerprint method.  The hope is that now all employees that are required to protect their phones (plus the ones that are not) will do so and keep their data safe.  A recent report found that 79 percent of small businesses experienced mobile security incidents. Much of this can be avoided if your phone is locked. This is a deterrent for human error or petty crime that results in data theft.

Small businesses need to be aware of the vulnerability of their data via smart phones and recognize that protection may be well worth the cost. Other vendors will certainly follow Apple’s lead and it is important that small businesses do not allow their companies to become victims when protection and enforcement just became easier!




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