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I was told about a new blog called recently and thought I’d give it a read.  The first 3 blog posts are all about customer service, something that many companies are lacking.  I find that most companies don’t treat their employees well enough for them to care about treating their customers well.  I was wholly disappointed in my service at a restaurant last week and will never go back again.  It was our waitress that was despicable and rude.  We would have continued to patronize this restaurant, it’s right in the middle between my house and my in-laws but now they’ve lost a $75-$100 a visit customer.  I’m sure my boycotting won’t hurt their bottom line but if more customers feel the same way about them as I do it will.  On the other hand I had an amazing experience at a resort near Palm Springs recently and will definitely go back again and give them lots more of my money.  Customer service goes both ways though, it’s much easier to receive great customer service if you’re a reasonably polite and well behaved customer.

If you haven’t spoken with your employees recently whether it be about customer service or just chatting with them it may be time.  Treating the people that work for you well will make them more likely to treat your customers well and as we all know, happy customers come back again and again.

It seems like the CommunicateBetterBlog is going to cover some of these good and bad companies as their writers experience them, the question is, will your company be put on the naughty or nice list.

A we strive to give our customers the best experience possible.  If you ever have any problems don’t hesitate to contact us, you might even speak with the authors of the CommunicateBetterBlog, one is a director and one a supervisor here.  We’re always happy to help our customers.


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