Text To App, Email And Phone Is Great For Trade Shows

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I attend a handful of trade shows every year and I’m on the way home from one right now.  Sitting in the shuttle on the freeway in traffic I was thinking what I wanted to write about today and it hit me, I’d share with you my favorite feature for trade shows, SMS forwarded to your phone as a text, email as well as arriving in our Mobile Office app.  

Most trade shows have some issue or another with connectivity, whether it be bad wifi, no cellular coverage or just not enough bandwidth to handle the calls and data that we tend to over work the network with at these events.  Sometimes I can make calls and sometimes I can’t.  Sometimes the internet works and other times it won’t.  Sometimes even text messaging doesn’t work.  But usually if I use all 3 I’ll get a message pushed through to me one way or another.  

So my favorite feature of Phone.com‘s during trade shows is our SMS.  When someone sends me a text message on my Phone.com number I get it as an SMS on my cell phone but additionally it also arrives as an email and in the Mobile Office app as a text.  So I always get my messages.  I get it multiple times but I’m just happy to get it.  That might be annoying regularly but it always makes me happy when I’m at a trade show.  

One other thing, you can respond to your incoming text messages from within your phone’s native text messaging application.  Just respond to the SMS they sent you that we forwarded to you and it will be sent to the receipient showing that it was sent from your Phone.com number.  This is something I’ve been doing for ages with Phone.com’s text messaging service and it works perfectly.  

Do you have any trade show tips you want to share?  I’d love to hear from you, comment on our Facebook page or on Gorjeo.


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