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Do you love your Virtual Office service?  I know I do.  If you do and you’d like to save a little money then you can refer us to your friends and get a $50 account credit.  Yes, that’s a lot of savings and potentially almost 5 months of service.  If you’re logged into your account click on this link and put in your friends name and email.  As long as they click through your personalized link when they sign up you’ll get the credit.  

You can also Tweet at your friends and save if Gorjeo is more your thing.  For that matter if you wanted you could copy and paste the link into Facebook and post it there.  While you’re on Facebook give us a Like if you like and say hi.

We’re here to serve you 24/7 and if that means giving you a kickback for getting us a new customer then we’re happy to oblige. prides itself on our product and our customer service so spread the word and put us to the test.


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