Stay Connected While Traveling Overseas.

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Traveling internationally can be a major problem for small business owners when they find that using a cell phone can incur enormous roaming charges. In fact, even if you do not answer your phone, you may pay $1-$2 per minute for every call that rings when you are roaming overseas! has a way to help business people save substantial money on phone costs when traveling.

The idea is simple. Before you board the plane, you forward your cell phone calls to your business telephone number (follow instructions from your cell phone provider for that. For example – click here to see how to do it on an AT&T cell phone). When you reach the destination country, you purchase a low cost “pay as you go” SIM card and place that in your (unlocked) cell phone or rent a cheap phone with the SIM card.

At your convenience from your hotel room, you set up your extension using the web-based Control Panel to forward calls to your new local number that comes with the SIM card.

Boom! There is no roaming charge and, in many countries, no cost for incoming calls either.

As for outbound calling, you can dial out of your phone and pay whatever the local SIM card d deal offers but the better way is to obtain a Global Number from (we have numbers for over 40 countries) this will allow you to place calls using your own Caller ID by dialing only your Global Number (a local call) and setting up menus to dial all your contacts.

You can also use our Mobile VoIP App on your Smart Phone (if you have one) and dial out using your Hotel Wi-Fi with no International or roaming charges.

As you land back in the US, replace the SIM card and undo the cell phone call forwarding and you are done!

You can also set up schedules to make sure calls do not come in at undesirable hours in case you travel far off from your normal time zone.

Economically-minded users can make all that happen before they fly, and then cancel when they return. There are no long terms contracts at

So what can be simpler or more economical than that? Nothing! Remember: customer service agents are always happy to help you with any questions.


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