Sometimes Our Customers Say It Better Than We Ever Could

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I have read and heard tons of feedback from customers over the years and one thing always rings true.  Customers often say things that cut right through to the heart of the matter. In times where the feedback is “negative” it is a comment that, if taken to heart, can propel a company toward real improvement in the customer experience.  In the case of “positive” feedback, it has the power to truly make our day.  Feedback is at its best when it does both.

Regardless, sometimes customers say it better than we ever could.  Check out this bit of feedback we received from a customer today on our Facebook page:


When he says “Were it not for’s service department, there would not be a PERIOD,” I am reminded of the fact that you can replace “service department” with any one of our departments.  It truly takes all of us working together to be a customer-centric company.

On another note, this is a reminder that even in the presence of good feedback, we need to get to the root of the issues our customers are experiencing.  In this case, even though our customer service team was awesome, we have an opportunity for learning and growth.

In the meantime, we are extremely proud of our customer service team.  Contact them any time and please DO let us know about your experience.


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