Setting Your Caller ID

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I get asked every so often how to change the Caller ID for outgoing phone calls from a specific number.  For example if you have a doctors office and the main doctor is Dr. Brilliant then you might want to have your outgoing caller ID show “Dr. Brilliant”.  Or if you prefer the practices name you can choose to put that in instead.  The only limitation is keeping it to 15 characters and that’s due to keeping it reverse compatible to older caller ID systems.

Picking the caller ID is the hardest part, setting it up takes mere seconds.  Once you log into the administrators account you will want to click on Numbers in the row towards the top.  Now select Edit to the right of your phone number.  At this point you should see Caller ID Name: and just to the right and down 1 line you will see Name To Display: with a text box to the right.  Here is what will appear when you call a landline with caller ID enabled.  If you like what’s there don’t change it but here is where you may want to put in your companies name.  Keep in under 15 total characters including spaces and DON’T forget to hit Save at the bottom.

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