Refreshing Time in a Hot August Vegas

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StartupCampYesterday evening,  as part of ITEXPO Las Vegas, had the pleasure of  co-sponsoring (for the 5th time) one of the great events of the conference and expo:  STARTUPCAMP.

Startupcamp brings together 4 startups in the communications field that under strict time rules present their company to an audience of hundreds and address some tough (and not so tough) questions from an experienced panel of judges. was also the provider of the polling app that allowed the audience to text and vote for their choice of best of the 4 in real-time and projected onto the big screen.  It’s always nice to see that in action and proud of our team for doing it well.

At we work with startups and with entrepreneurs of all kind all the time. We our-self are still a young and energetic company and to feel the spirit and excitement of innovation (in any industry and not only our own) is refreshing and that is what we all felt it in the room at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Plus, when an event has a lot of good wine, beer and hot hors d’oeuvres and also a keynote by an industry leader (this time Yahoo’s senior VP Jeff Bonforte sharing some of Yahoo’s new vision and especially management style do’s and dont’s) StartupCamp  is certainly a cool place to be.

A few words on the startups presenting:

Perch– an “always on” video conferencing screen for offices and mobile workers positioned as the tool for improving culture in organizations. Perch is optimized for user experience,   auto correct outages etc.  It is always two way and has unique IP enabling mic optimization when a person is near it and speaking. In beta now but expected to be in the app store next week – free for teams and value add fee is the biz model.

TextGen– the claim: anything you can do with an IVR you can do with text.  Creating text between you and your customer. TextGen allows any number to receive texts. Will sell as an add-on to voice service.

Perzo – the question Prezo answers is: what is your personal (family and close friends) network? If LinkedIn is for business and Facebook for friends/social;  Where do you feel comfortable to share family private information?? Prezo brought together email, Facebook , presence and voice chat and other existing platforms and built a secure communications network for privacy can best be describes as a client that aggregate existing communication tools with a new slick UI.

Alice receptionist – subsidiary of winTech LLC – great virtual receptionist solution using two way video communications between the lobby of an office and the employees anywhere and in any office.  Uses motion detection or Identification etc. Also offer info like maps etc to the visitor. Market is enterprises and government etc and looking to channel partners.  Already have 60 paying customers worldwide. Price ranges from $5.5k to $8k or $12k much based on the hardware used.

I recommend you check out all of these solutions.

And the winner was… Well, all were winners (but Alice got the most votes)

We look forward to be at Startupcamp#9 in South Beach this coming winter.


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