Posting as Yourself On Your Company’s Facebook Page That You Manage

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Facebook is a key tool for companies, from sharing news about the company to publishing coupons or disseminating information, it’s become part of how businesses work. So when an admin on the company Facebook page wants to Like, comment or Share as themselves not the company it can be frustrating. I couldn’t figure out how to do it myself (posting on the Facebook Page as Jeb Brilliant) and searching on Google wasn’t much help. When I read Baochi Nguyen’s guide to changing 1 tiny setting I was relieved and wished she had posted it years ago.

Follow the instructions and you can start posting as yourself on any Facebook Page you’re an Admin on, in particular your companies Page, with ease.

Many Facebook Page admins are unaware of a somewhat obscure setting in Facebook that allows you to Like, Comment, and Share on your Facebook page as an individual rather than as a brand. Here’s how to change that right now:

1. Log into Facebook.

2. In the upper right corner, click on the star-like icon. You will see the option Use Facebook as. Select your brand page. NOTE: this is a very important step — you must, at this point, be logged in as your brand page in order to complete this process.




3. On your brand Facebook page, click on Edit Page >> Update Info located at the top of the page.

4. On Edit Page, click on Your Settings in the upper left navigation.

5. In the Posting Preferences section, uncheck the option to Always comment and post as your page, even when using Facebook as your personal profile.

6. That’s it! Now you can interact with your Facebook Brand Page as an individual. This means that when you are logged in to your personal profile, you can engage as yourself with your brand’s posts in the home feed. If you are on your brand’s Facebook Page, you can toggle between your personal and brand profiles by using the star-like tool in the upper right corner. Facebook will also alert you at the top of the page as to the profile you are engaging as. Now go amp up engagement and reach!

Many thanks to Baochi for enlightening me about this setting. You may have already known about this but it’s really helped me. Make sure to read her blog and if you get a chance, say thanks to her on Gorjeo.


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