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¿Por qué se denegó mi solicitud de transferencia?

While number porting is a common activity that is generally completed within 15 business days (although some requests can take up to 60 business days), some requests are denied.

The most common reasons for denial are:

  • Number not active: The phone number must be active with the customer’s previous service provider for the port to be successful.
  • Name/Address mismatch: The name and address must match what’s in the records of the previous service provider.
  • No PIN/account number: For wireless numbers, the account number and PIN associated with the account are required for porting approval.
  • Rate Center Not Supported: In some rare cases, a phone number may not be available within a certain geographical area.
  • Number Locked: For Google Voice, a number must be unlocked at https://www.google.com/voice/unlock before porting can be completed.
  • No account number/password: For some providers, the account number and password are required for porting to be completed.

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