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Adding a United States Local Number

Your Phone.com service includes one phone number and an unlimited number of extensions. Those extensions allow you to route calls that come in to your Phone.com number to your desk and mobile phones, your computer, and many other devices.

If you need to add another US local number to your account, follow the instructions below. Steps for adding toll-free y international numbers are similar, but not covered in this article.

Note that your Phone.com service includes the cost of one U.S. local or toll-free phone number and an unlimited number of extensions. You can add additional phone numbers for a monthly fee.

Adding a US Local Number

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Add a Number.
  2. Click Add U.S. Local.
  3. Select your area code or state.
  4. Select an available city.
  5. Select a phone number from the list of available numbers, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Add Selected Numbers.

The U.S. local phone number that you selected is added to your account. If this is an additional number, you will be billed the pro-rated amount for the number at the end of the month, and a monthly fee from then on.


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