’s Mobile Options Provide Flexibility When There’s No IP Phone or Cell Signal

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Compartir en linkedin Mobile Office AppThe Mobile Office App, and the Bria softphone app, helped save my vacation.

I recently spent a couple weeks on the East Coast for a little rest and relaxation. Since I run a consulting business, it’s hard for me to go on a true “vacation.” I need to be connected all the time, and most vacation days have me working, at least an hour – a few emails, some voicemails, and a conference call or two.

I couldn’t beat the accommodations; my brother-in-law put me up in his basement. (For those of you who live in California like I do: a basement is an entire extra floor below ground!) There was only one problem – no cell signal. I was in a bind, since I had a few work calls that I absolutely had to attend and I couldn’t use my cell in the traditional sense.

Luckily, my brother had WiFi and the signal was strong in the basement. Using the Mobile Office App on my Android was a breeze – I could check messages, listen to voicemails, view faxes, and send and receive SMS, all without a cell signal and without a laptop. When it came time to join those conference calls, I used the Bria softphone app, which I got free from, to place and receive VOIP calls using my service.

I’ve talked about these apps extensively in the past so I won’t go into more detail today. Using our mobile apps was a brilliant way to solve my problem. Plus, calls sounded better then a traditional cell phone. Whether you have problems with cell reception at home, at work, or on vacation, I suggest checking out our mobile options. They are a great compliment to our IP phones, and a wonderful solution all by themselves.


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