University – Using Call Blocking To Stop Spam Callers

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It’s 4am and you are sound asleep when you get a call on your number. Upon answering, there’s no one there! If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you are probably getting spam calls. It’s a good thing there’s something you can do about it. With, we have a couple of options to block those pesky spam callers from using up your minutes.

The Quick Method
If you are on an incoming call and want to block the number that called you, simply press *9 on your phone. This will add it to your spam callers list. If you did this in error, press *9 again to unblock the number.

The Detailed Method
This method is great if you received a call in the past that you now want to block. To do so you will need to know either of the following:
1. If you know the number you want to block
2. When you only know the general timeframe of when the call was received.

When you know the number you want to block
First, log into your account, then go to “Call Info” at the top, and click on “Manage Spam Caller List.” This gets you to the “Call Blocking” page.

To add a number, click the orange “Add A Number To Block (1)” button, which will provide a set of fields to fill in. Add the number in the “Block Incoming Calls From(2):” field. Once that is entered, press the “Add(3)” button on the right to complete the entry.


You can also select the “Starts With” option if you want to block a certain number pattern such as an area code.  For example, if you wanted to block all calls from the 858 area code, select “Starts With” and enter “+1858” in the “Block incoming calls from” input box.

When you know a general time of when the call was received
For this method, we are going to venture into our call logs. Start by going to “Call Info” at the top, then click on “View/Search Call Logs.” This will get you to the call logs page which shows a detailed break-down of each incoming and outgoing call for each of your billing cycles.

To block a number, click the icon to the right of your listed call entry log which has a green plus symbol and a red circle. This will automatically add the number to your block list.


Removing numbers from your block list
You can remove numbers from your block list at any time within your account. To do this, go to “Call Info” at the top, then click on “Manage Spam Caller List.”

To delete a number, simply press the trash can icon next to the number (1), and this will remove it from your block list and allow it to call you again.


That’s all there is to it! Check in next Monday for some more University knowledge.


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