University – Screening Calls For Your Business Line

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Many of our customers still find themselves with two phone systems. They use the service for their business lines, which they forward to their cell phones, while still using those cell phones for personal use. If you want to differentiate between personal and business calls on your cell phone, there are several features we offer:

  • Call Screening provides a greeting on incoming calls, announcing the caller along with the option to accept or reject the call. While you are listening to this announcement, the caller simply hears either ringing or your pre-selected hold music.
  • Call Voice Tagging allows you to specify an audio message that identifies the person or department forwarding the call. The Voice Tag (e.g. “Sales” or “Support”) is announced to the person who answers the call. The calling party will not hear the Voice Tag.
  • Incoming Caller ID allows you to display either the caller’s phone number or your number as the incoming caller ID. Many customers that forward to their cell phones choose to display the number so they know someone is calling their business line.

How to Activate These Settings

All three settings are all found in the same place, but how you find them will vary slightly depending on your setup. I will cover the most basic route, but you should be able to find your way to your call handling rules if you have them set to forward from a menu or directly from an extension.

First, go to Configurar at the top of your page, then select Manage Numbers on the left. On the Manage Numbers page, click the Edit box beside your number.

On the Edit Number page, click the Edit box next to the number action. You are now on the call handling rules page as shown below. Your setup might differ slightly.

sc1.1Next to the number are you forwarding to in your Forward Call rule, click the Advanced Menu icon (1). This will bring up the advanced menu options, allowing you to change your inbound caller ID, turn on call screening, and enter text for a voice tag.

sc1.2Once you decide what settings you want to enable, click Save Rule Settings at the bottom of your page for these to take effect. Note that if you turn on call screening, you will need to set your ring time to 30 seconds.

That’s all for today. You should now be all set to properly screen calls for your business line! See you next Monday for some more knowledge.


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