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When using the service in a small business setting, the users more often than not will use our IP Phones. However, most small businesses do not have an alternate Internet solution since the Internet is usually reliable.  This begs the question of “What is your contingency plan when your Internet connection fails?”

It is also a common misconception for people to think they must have Internet service to receive and place calls with their service..  This actually happens to be only partially true. Yes your IP Phone must have a working Internet connection in order to place or receive calls however, you can set up the system to detect when your Internet is offline and simply route calls to your cell phone instead.   Now, in the event that your office is flooded or your Internet connection is down, you can still run your business without interruption.

Let’s first talk about how this works with inbound calls.  In your call handling rules associated with the extension you can set up the following (see the image below). The idea is to include in the same rule an alternate call destination such as your cell phone number. When your IP phone is offline, our system will initially try to call it and when no one answers, it will forward to the cell phone. However, after some time will realize that the IP phone is unreachable and will immediately call your cell phone. That is until your IP phone is back online.


As for the outbound calling, you can use your cell phone as well to place calls. You do need to make sure the caller ID on the outbound call displays your business number as opposed to your cell number.  To achieve this you will need to install the FREE Mobile Office app on your smart phone (iPhone or Androide). Once installed you can use the app to place calls from your cell phone.  From the settings in the app you can configure the caller ID you wish to display.

Our app allows you to do so much more than that.  It includes access to your voicemail, faxes and even SMS (TEXT) messages that were sent to your number and extension.

To learn more about the Mobile Office click here.


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