University – Adding A Menu

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It’s time to get that greeting we made last week assigned to a menu! As a business, menus are a great way to provide a professional front and a quality impression for your callers. Even small businesses can provide the impression that they are a large, established company by simply creating a professional menu system. Let’s get started.

1. First, let’s start by logging into your account, then going to “Configure” at the top of the page, and selecting “Add A Menu.” This will get you to the initial “Add Menu” screen as shown below


2. Next, let’s give the menu a name (1) so we can identify it in the future should we desire to make any changes. Then we are going to use the greeting that we made in last week’s course and select it in the “Outgoing message (2)” drop down box. Once that is done press “Continue (3)” to move forward.


3. This now gets you to the “Edit Menu” screen where you can start to edit what each number prompt on your menu will do.  I will guide you through the first caller selection, and that will give you the start you need to set up the rest.  Go ahead and click the “No Rules Set – Edit” button next to the first caller selection.


This will get you to the call handling rules page. This is where we will designate where  to forward a call when calls select 1 on your menu.  Go ahead and select field 2A “Select Operation” and change that to “Forward Calls.” This presents a new dialog box on the right where you can either enter an extension number or a cell phone number in the white dialog box. To keep it simple, go ahead and enter an outside cell phone number for all calls to be routed to.


The last step in this process is to add a final rule to route the call to voicemail if no one answers the cell phone. To accomplish this, click the “Add Next Action” button for field 2B, toggle the drop-down box to select “Leave Voicemail (1)” and choose the extension voicemail to send the caller to (2). With that all set, simply click  “Save Rule Settings (3)” to save all of your settings.


That’s it! We’ve just made our first menu prompt for our callers to access. You can go ahead and replicate the above steps for all of the prompts that you desire to have on your menu.   Check out the video below for a more hands-on demonstration of what we’ve covered.

Be sure to check back next Monday where we will cover how to add a queue to your menu!


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