At We Are Taking #TheKindnessPledge And You Should Too!

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be_kindThis article was originally published on Communicate Better Blog and we found this to be particularly relevant during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

Recently, I was lugging my gigantic suitcase and 15 lb dog in a carrier on my shoulder through a crowded subway station. Carrying the suitcase and my dog up the stairs to the exit, full of people pushing past, was a nightmare. I dragged it, stair by stair, looking down and forward to ensure I didn’t step on the person’s shoes in front of me.  Suddenly, I felt the suitcase become light. I turned around to see a teenager, with headphones on, bouncing his head to the music, lifting up the bottom of my suitcase up the stairwell. We got to the top and I turned to say thank you, but he had already disappeared into the rush of the busy street. He didn’t have to help–in fact, no one else was bothering. However, this random person and their small act of kindness changed my entire mood during that situation.

Think back to a time where someone was really nice to you; something as little as someone holding the door, helping you carry a heavy item or just a simple smile. You didn’t ask for anything–they just took the time to be kind.  I’m pretty sure that little gem of awesome brightened your day.

In customer service, we are given the opportunity every day to show kindness to our coworkers and clients. Kindness is highly valued, especially in a situation in which they are reaching out to you because something isn’t working properly in the first place. How you work with them to resolve the situation, along with the kindness you display, is the recipe for success.

The amazing team over at has developed The Kindness Drive to help challenge you to be even more kind than you already are by giving daily ideas of simple acts you can do. Dylan Nord (@dylannord) of says,

Even if only one person is helped through an act of kindness, the goal of The Kindness Drive will have been achieved. Just one kind act can have consequences of untold scale.”

These challenges can be used inside and outside of the office. This could be a great ongoing activity for your customer service team to work together and share with each other the kindness they are giving to one another as well as their customers. Random acts of awesome in action!

I encourage you to “get your kind on”, sign up and take #TheKindnessPledge (be sure to use this hashtag when Tweeting) by clicking here and be sure to follow on Gorjeo.

I look forward to seeing your sweet Tweets! works with over 700 nonprofits. Each organization has a different mission. From advocating for clean water, to rescuing animals, to disaster relief, charity takes many different forms. The one common thread among every organization is a spirit of kindness, it is the foundation of every charitable organization and action. They believe that by simplifying charity into an idea and acts that everyone can understand and get behind, they might discover that all that is needed to make the world a more charitable place is to start living by kindness.


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