New Support Center Now Live!

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Our customers are pretty savvy! They will often scan our website and device docs before calling us for help.

We realized that adding a robust knowledge base, where customers could find setup tips, browse phone features or resolve common issues, was a no-brainer.

It’s with that in mind that we are thrilled to unveil the new Support Center! Support Center

Here you’ll find a true hub of information, including set-up guides for businesses of varying sizes, helpful write ups on our many features, and a great list of FAQs that address the top issues our customers face.

Take Note!

There are three things you should know about our new Centro de Apoyo:

  • We are far from done. A great support center is dynamic, constantly being updated to ensure that it delivers the most important information. We will be covering a lot more of our features and options soon!
  • Your voice is essential. We want to hear from our customers. What can we improve or add to our support center to make it a more useful tool for you?
  • You can still reach us! In all the old-fashioned and some new-fashioned ways. We now offer support by phone (800-998-7087), email (, live chat, SMS (text 858-633-8053) and Gorjeo (@phonecomsupport).

Please take a good look at our new Centro de Apoyo and don’t forget that behind it stands an awesome Customer Service team!


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