Releases The Communicator For PC/Macs

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We are very happy to announce that has released it’s new state of the art voice and video Communicator for desktops and laptops.  The Communicator offers telephone free voice calls running them over a PC or Mac computer, utilizing the built in microphone/speakers or an add on headset.

“Video calling is going to become more and more important to businesses in the near future,” said Ari Rabban, co-founder and CEO. “Communicator allows customers to quickly and easily add real-time video calling to their communications tools without the need for expensive telephones or video systems.”

One of our wonderful customers has been kind enough to test the Communicator for us is ecstatic to drop all the desktop phones for his paralegals and secretaries in his office.  He’s having the Communicator put on all of their laptops so they can take calls wherever they’re working on their work computer.  Plus he’s expecting to save money by them not using their cell phones as much when they’re not working at their desks.  He has also reported a spike in his productivity by not having to leave his desk to talk face to face with coworkers because he now just conducts video calls.

In style you will have your call logs, voicemail, contacts, favorites and address book at your fingertips in the app.  Importing and exporting contacts is as easy as imagined.

We’re very happy to offer another option to our customers.  The Communicator is a free download and works exclusively with Virtual Office accounts.  It costs $4.88/month for each standard Virtual Office extension it’s running on and it’s free for any unlimited Virtual Office extensions.


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