Pfriday: Let’s Talk Value

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One of my favorite things about Friday in our office is the fact that it’s Pfriday.  What does that entail you ask?  Well thanks for asking.  Ideally everyone wears their shirts to work, we eat lunch together and show a little extra spirit for the company we work for.

phonecom_pfridayIn the spirit of Pfriday, and for the next several Pfridays I want to talk about our service standards.  The five service standards at are quality, caring customer service, value, accessibility and choice.  If you memorize these and can recite them back to me, I’ll send you a shirt of your own so you can put your Pfriday spirit on display.

The standard I want to talk about today is value.  Being the fan of bullet points that I am, here is a list of what value means at

  • Competitive, Reasonable Pricing- You can’t talk about value without talking about money at some point.  Our aim is to provide awesome phone service to our customers at a competitive and reasonable price.
  • Feature-rich Service- Our development team is constantly implementing and improving the features bundled into the service we provide.  Many of these are at the request of our customers and for no extra charge.
  • Accurate Billing- Our aim is to make our billing as customer-friendly and transparent as possible.  We are continuing work to improve this.  If customers ever have questions or concerns regarding their bill they are encouraged to contact customer service right away.
  • Reliability- We realize that reliable phone service is critical to your business, which is why we strive constantly to increase the reliability of our systems.  Any impairment to our service significantly diminishes the value to our customers.
  • Quick, Accurate Support Response- The old adage of “Time is money” couldn’t be more true.  If you have to wait a long time for customer service to answer the phone and even longer for a resolution to your issue, we are wasting your time.  We know that your time is valuable and are working to use as little as possible to resolve your issues.

In our quest to be the most awesome VoIP company ever, it is clear that we must deliver phone service that is valuable to our customers.  On that note, have a Pfantastic Pfriday!


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