Pfriday: Let’s Talk Quality

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ID-10095009In my last post along this vein I talked about “Value,” which is one of our service standards at  After reading that post, our CEO Ari Rabban asked me why I spelled “Friday” with a “P.”  I should probably clear that up before going any further.  When I was a kid there were often television ads for Price Pfister faucets and from that time forward I was always a fan of the silent “P.”

Now that I have your attention, I want to take some time today to emphasize a second of our service standards.  Quality is a personal favorite of mine.  We define quality as the creation and continuous improvement of processes in order to deliver consistently awesome service to our customers.  This concept of continuous improvement is an overarching principle in everything we do.  Here are the key components of quality as they play out at

  • Listening To Our Customers- We send surveys to our customers often and take their responses very seriously.  What better way to improve our quality than by listening to the suggestions of our customers?  Try us out.  The next time you receive a survey from, fill it out and leave a comment and I guarantee you will receive a response from us.
  • Care For Our Employees- We realize that one of the biggest factors in offering a quality service is having the right people working at, training them well and keeping them engaged.  These are all processes that we work to continuously improve.  Our employees are internal customers so we also listen to them and take their feedback very seriously.
  • A Fantastic Product and Reliable Service- I may be biased but truly has a fantastic product.  The fact that we haven’t stopped there is where quality comes in.  We are constantly working to release new features and increase stability.  This is the very nature of quality.

It is the standard of quality that makes an awesome company to work for and to do business with.  This company is not stagnant but finding ways to continuously improve the quality of service that is delivered to customers.  Until next time, thank you again for joining me on this Pfriday!


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